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Why Are Resumes Important?

Why Are Resumes Important?

All through my career and often times many others, we face times where we have to go out and find a new job. Whether it’s because of more money, or less money, benefits, or any other reason why we have to transition from one job to another, we find ourselves all too often sitting down and updating that old resume.

You see, resumes are the key to the door of opportunity says Indeed, and many times folks tend to forget how important that resume is to their future. If you spend the right amount of time on your résumé, or use a professional resume expert, you can easily get your key into the door and eventually into a job offer.

But what makes them IMPORTANT?

There are lots of resumes

Well, for starters, they are first and usually last thing any recruiter, HR representative, or business owner who’s been given the tedious task of finding a new employee or employees. When it comes down to it, these people are the people you need to wow on paper, and that’s where a well-crafted resume comes into play.

Recruiters, HR reps, etc. look at 100’s of resumes a day when looking to place employees, and even the smallest mistake can sometimes put you out of the running for that job opportunity, and thus back to the pile.

So it’s important to build a resume, or get a resume that:

  • Clearly describes you and your skillet
  • Has a cover letter with important information
  • All of your relevant information

A resume needs to show your best

Another thing resumes need to be is a reflection of your best personal self. Whatever it is that makes you the best at what you do, that resume and cover letter need to evoke that in a clear, crisp way. Otherwise you may leave the recruiter or employer guessing at what you can do best, and then, you guessed it, back into the pile you go!

It should be as detailed as your industry needs, and many times you can find resume experts who can help you craft your resume to fit the needs of that industry’s recruiters and HR reps, which will allow you to have a better chance at being seen and then being heard.

Resumes come in all shapes and sizes

Believe it or not, many recruiters and company hiring teams still have to use the old text formats, which means you need to have your resume in a few different formats ready to send at any given moment. Whether it be a PDF or Microsoft Word document, or a physical piece of paper, you need to make sure you have all of the proper formats ready to go.

Resumes are the key

Resumes are the key to getting better opportunities in life, and integral to improving and growing in the future. However you make a living, you’ll need a great resume custom fit to your needs and your industry so you can have the BEST chance of getting in front of an interviewer so you can live up to your name, and the great things your resume says about you.

If you have doubts about your resume, find help. There are plenty of examples, eBooks, and professional services that will help you along your way. Your resume is a critical piece of your life and your career, and if you forget to give it the attention it deserves, you’ll find yourself in a tough situation every time you’re in a work transition.

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